Saturday, August 30, 2008


Above is a snapshot of the wonderful memories we have of our Southern California vacation. This one is of the Laguna beach along highway 1 traveling from San Diego towards LA. Relatives, friends, driving, paragliding, swimming, canoeing, tandem biking, boogie boarding and variety of foods: in all, an exciting week.
Amongst other things, trying 'animal fries' was a first. They're basically french fries with American cheese and diced onions and some other spices, and are a special non-menu item at one of the fast-food joints of the area. So you'd order them only if you've heard about them from someone. Well, now you have. Not the healthiest, but well, just try 'em.
Then, for being uninitiated (or rather uninspired) in tech-gizmos, we were quite shaken by the Nintendo-Wii that my cousin introduced to us. So, our plans of visiting the Hollywood and Universal studios were quashed by the desire to spend countless hours with the 'Wiimote'. And well worth it, I must say. Quite a revolution!


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