Thursday, January 01, 2009


That's right! Fatigability, severe joint pains, headache, dizziness, feeling of impending doom.... I had all these symptoms this afternoon as I returned home after a 4-hour shopping mall outing with my wife. I believe the 'pleasurable' excursion was long overdue, and we were initially excited to find what great deals everyone has been talking about. But what a way to begin a year!
Just entering a mall, any mall, small or big, causes some blurring of my vision. All covered with artificial lighting, a really jarring combination of colors and styles. The miles and miles of walking and turning into aisles. Don't even ask about the pressures of finding the best price between stores and amongst the heaps of clothes, shoes and bags. The irritating banners all over the place, one bigger than the other; but each less informative than the other. One said: "all items $4.99 and up", with the latter two words in small print, about 1/100th of the size of the first three. Another shouted: "Up to 80% off". Then the BOGO scam: Buy One Get One deals. I sincerely sympathize with store managers who arduously scale up prices to 200% one day prior to the sale only to give the gullible shoppers half-off. And if you're finally done with your selections, at the check-out counter, would they ever forget to ask you to enroll for their credit card if you want another 15% off? One generous lady even wanted my e-mail id so she could send exciting offers about the latest bath and body products. I courteously declined.
All this prompts me to go on the internet for all my shopping needs and urges. Already, I shop for electronics, books, some groceries and sometimes shoes and clothes online. You can often make the best decision in lesser time, be certain of good quality by reading customer reviews before purchasing, compare prices at different stores and have it delivered at home comfortably.


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